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Re: XUL Alliance Site Goes Live - New XML UI Standards Body Emerging?

From: Gerald Bauer <luxorxul@yahoo.ca>
Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2003 17:05:03 -0400 (EDT)
Message-ID: <20030605210503.33358.qmail@web40812.mail.yahoo.com>
To: www-forms@w3.org

Hi George Cao,

  I'm not sure why you want to start a smear campaign
with your oversimplifications about the XUL (XML UI
Language) usage. If I may quote:

> Other
> than "borrowing" the name from the Mozilla
> technology, this site is not really about XUL.  It
> uses the absurd notion that any ui markup in xml is
> called XUL.  By its definition, XFORMS is XUL :) ?!

  Using a hotmail account, that is,
george_cao@hotmail.com, hardly helps to underscore
your point. 

  The future of the web is at stake and all you're
concerned about is the hairsplitting over XUL. Face
it, XUL has outgrown Mozilla and will overshadow
XForms and MUL (Mozilla UI Language).

  - Gerald

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