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Re: XForms support in the browser

From: <AndrewWatt2001@aol.com>
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2003 08:16:01 EDT
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To: jane.roberts@toplev.com
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In a message dated 22/07/2003 11:24:46 GMT Daylight Time, 
jane.roberts@toplev.com writes:

> We're reviewing our plans and trying to determine how we should best 
> support
> xForms (yet again! - we've had several such reviews here in the past).
> Now it's reached the point where there is a long list of different
> implementations of it on the web site - but I'm not sure if looking at this
> list makes it clearer or just adds even more options to a bewildering number
> of possibilities.


Yes, it is bewildering. Some sort of classification (as well as an attempt to 
be up to date with changes) on 
http://www.w3.org/MarkUp/Forms/#implementations would be useful to visitors who are interested in finding out more about 

> There's been some discussion in the past about browser support for xForms.
> For example should Microsoft build support for it into IE7?

Should is a moral question. A more practical question is Will Microsoft build 
XForms into IE7?

Personally, I think it is very unlikely. Microsoft has its own XForms-like 
technology called InfoPath, part of the Office 2003 System. Additionally, MS is 
creating a new generation of rich clients from the applications which form 
part of the Office System.

My suspicion is that MS have recognised their giving IE away was a strategic 
business mistake. Getting 90% (or whatever) of a market where you incur costs 
to develop a product but generate no income is a poor business strategy. Yes, 
I recognise that there may be indirect benefits of IE's large market share but 
having rich clients (such as in Office System 2003) is a much more direct 
business benefit for MS, in my view.

> And what about other browsers?

Quite possibly. Time will tell.

But expect to see many proprietary XForms clients. Rich clients which include 
XForms may have more impact than browser-based implementations. Time will 

> If anyone has any views I'd welcome a discussion here . . . 

We need to see when XForms will reach Recommendation status, first.

Andrew Watt
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