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RE: How to do a dynamic XML lookup within a repeat?

From: Dueck, Brian <bdueck@metasolv.com>
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2003 17:45:40 -0600
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To: "'Mark Birbeck '" <Mark.Birbeck@x-port.net>, "Dueck, Brian" <bdueck@metasolv.com>, "'''www-forms@w3.org' ' '" <www-forms@w3.org>
Thanks Mark - figured it was something easy! And yeah, now that I think of
it, I did have to use current() in some XSLT as well. I'll give it a try. 



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From: Mark Birbeck
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Subject: RE: How to do a dynamic XML lookup within a repeat?

Hello Brian,

> The following lookup does not work as expected because the
> local-name(.) part of this XPath statement refers to the
> enclosing element xforms:instance('metaData'). What I need
> is a way to refer to the current node in the nodeset of the
> repeat element.
> [...]
>     <xforms:output
>         <xforms:label>MetaData Lookup=</xforms:label> 
>     </xforms:output> 

The answer to your question doesn't lie within XForms or FormsPlayer!
need to use "current()" in place of ".", since as you rightly say, the
context for the @name comparison has changed to be the 'element'.

This works:


As it happens, this is a problem that people often have when doing XSLT,
it also catches people out with xf:bind.

Best regards,

Mark Birbeck
x-port.net Ltd.
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