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Not storing select values in the XForms instance

From: Roman Huditsch <roman.huditsch@hico.com>
Date: Thu, 2 Jan 2003 09:38:56 +0100
Message-ID: <0C79A363CB0321418927D0CB1AD0403C095ACA@hicoetsrv000006.hico.local>
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I would like to be add a select1 control to my form, but without having to store the selected value in the XForms instance. The selected value should just be the trigger for a certain case to appear. I had something like:

<xforms:select1 appearance="compact">
	<xforms:hint>Please choose your language</xforms:hint>
			<xforms:label>Deutsch / German</xforms:label>
			<xforms:toggle case="de" ev:event="xforms-activate"/>
			<xforms:label>Englisch / English</xforms:label>
			<xforms:toggle case="en" ev:event="xforms-activate"/>

But as soon as I have to define a binding attribute on my select1 control, I ran into problems. As I can't save the selected value within my instance, I tried to create a "temp" model, which should not be submitted at the end. 
But when I define my control as:

<xforms:select1 appearance="compact" model="temp" ref="tempInstance/language">

it doesn't get displayed at all. Can there also be two instances within one XForm model? Does there need to be a binding expression? Would it be possible to achieve this kind of langiage selection in a different way (maybe over html in connection with XForms)?

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