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RE: xforms for inhomogenous collections

From: m b <Mark.Birbeck@x-port.net>
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2003 20:29:23 -0000
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> Mark was pointing you in the right direction ...

I was, but now you're taking people in the wrong one ;-)

> ... the relevant attribute is used within the bind element rather
> than the in form control.  However, what may not have been evident
> before and what may help to tie some of this all together is that
> the relevant attribute is inheritable. Therefore, whatever is a
> child of the group element would be tied to its relevance.

It wasn't evident because it isn't true. You are mixing up two things - the
UI and the model. All descendants of 'page[1]' in the instance data would
indeed be disabled if 'page[1]' was disabled (provided that they themselves
didn't have a @relevant rule that overrode this), and that is what the spec
means when it says that @relevant is inheritable. But that has nothing to do
with the descendants of xf:group.

You can only affect the descendents of xf:group with CSS - which is what my
example was showing. You wrote:

> As Mark's example showed:
> ...
> <xforms:group ref="page[1]">
>   <h2><xforms:output ref="@title" /></h2>
>   I'm the first page ...
> </xforms:group>
> ...
> the output would be tied to the parent goup element.

but the reason the xf:output gets hidden is because the CSS style on
xf:group is automatically set to 'display: none;' when the node that the
xf:group is bound to becomes disabled - as determined by the rule in the
@relevant model item property. This means that any markup inside the
xf:group will be hidden, but we need to be clear that this is thanks to CSS,
and not the XForms model.



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