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RE: Implications of eolas verdict

From: Hemant Desai <Hemant.Desai@patni.com>
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2003 20:14:01 +0530
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What abt plug-ins implementing XForms ..
Has anyone come across applications which are solely functioning as XForms
clients ..(not using browser to host services)

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Subject: Re: Implications of eolas verdict

Hello all,

Will the verdict affect how Mozilla/Netscape and other browsers perform
plugins?  From my stand point, my organization does not have a lot of
pages that invest in plugins, but never the less, this does seem like
developers like myself are caught in the middle and have to do a wait
and see game now.  Is this a correct assumption?  Please advise.



Hemant Desai wrote:
> Hi ,
> Am not too sure abt the implications of the eolas verdicy.
> Would it be possible for someone to guide me to a detailed report of the
> same or implications which may have been listed.
> regards
> Hemant Desai

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