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RE: [XForms] Re: [Re: [IBM Alphaworks - scripting errors with the browser component]]

From: Ned Spilsbury <nspils@pacbell.net>
Date: Sat, 19 Apr 2003 06:38:45 -0700
To: <XForms@yahoogroups.com>, <tvraman@almaden.ibm.com>, <jponzo@us.ibm.com>, <www-forms@w3.org>
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Now that you have IE 6, you can install FormsPlayer and run with that, too.

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In a message dated 11/04/2003 20:02:04 GMT Daylight Time,
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Hi again,

Thanks but I had already checked that.

I have msxml4.dll, msxml4a.dll and msxml4r.dll in C:\WINNT\System32 - it's a
Win2k machine. All of the files show version as MSXML 4.0 SP1.

Is there any easy way to check if IE 5.5 is "seeing" the correct version of
MSXML4? Unfortunately the versioning tips on netcrucible.com don't extend to
service packs of MSXML4.

Andrew Watt

I was hoping for a follow up response from IBM but have solved the problem

By upgrading from IE5.5 with MSXML4 Sp1 to IE6 the problem goes away. I can
run all the AlphaWorks examples without the previously evident scripting

I didn't test between my previous installation of IE5.5 and after applying
all the security etc updates and the update to IE6, so perhaps there is one
update to IE5.5 that is critical to the AlphaWorks browser component running

Certainly, in my experience, IE5.5 (which had some but not all MS updates
applied) with MSXML4 Sp1 doesn't work with the AlphaWorks XForms samples.

IBM might want to consider specifying IE6 as necessary for the AlphaWorks
package, since it is evident that it doesn't work on all IE 5.5 installs.

Having said all that it is very nice to have an XForms implementation (I
haven't tested how much is implemented yet) that will run in a conventional

Andrew Watt 

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