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Re: Welcome to the Real-World; The Future of XForms

From: Vic Cekvenich <vc@basebeans.com>
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2003 09:04:38 -0400
To: www-forms@w3.org
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Sounds like practical things to do.

Would Mozilla group be able to change the game by having xhtml and xforms?


Gerald Bauer wrote:
>   Thanks for all the positive comments. 
>   I think everyone agrees that having a standard that
> lets you easily build forms in XML sporting "XML in,
> XML out" is what everyone longs for (except, of
> course, some industry giants such as Microsoft, Adobe,
> IBM, and so on pushing their own ware).
>>Um, IBM has just released an XForms prototype. And
>>Oracle has one in the pipeline too, I understand. 
>  Well, it's one thing to throw together a server-side
> tag lib that spits out HTML, it's another to build a
> rich browser with built-in XForms support challenging
> Internet Explorer.
>   Doesn't Microsoft's HTML "containment" strategy work
> like a charm? Browser innovation practically halted
> since Internet Explorer has taken over the market.
>>Some specific examples would go a long way to 
>>understanding what you consider good and bad in 
>   As I said I don't claim to have all the answers and
> I invite everybody to innovate and feel free to
> clean-up the XForms spec and add whatever they need to
> their own XForms 1.0 motors/engine/browsers.
>   Again, once there are XForms motors/engines/browser
> you can play with, you will get "real" thoughts from
> "real" users and then the "real" XForms leaders can
> get togther and hammer out an interop spec (aka XForms
> 2.0 or whatever you wonna call it).
>   As an example, just look a the forthcoming XForms
> book from Micah Dubinko, the XForms spec lead online @
> http://dubinko.info/writing/xforms/book.html . Don't
> get me wrong I applaud his efforts. However, more two
> hundreds pages and with barely a single "real-world"
> example speaks for itself.
>   For more details about my mini-XForms critique
> including examples, check out slide #16 from my "Rich
> Clients, Rich Browsers, Rich Portals" talk online @
> http://vamphq.com/talk/vanx-mar-2003/slides.html#rich-16
>  More details about my XForms clean-up will be
> forthcoming as Luxor progesses, after all, Luxor is a
> free, open-source projects residing online @
> http://luxor-xul.sourceforge.net 
>   - Gerald 
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