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XForms Talk Slides Plus Mini Critique Online

From: Gerald Bauer <luxorxul@yahoo.ca>
Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2003 22:24:51 -0500 (EST)
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To: www-forms@w3.org


  I gave a VanX talk last week entitled "The Future of
the Web: Rich Clients, Rich Browsers, Rich Portals: A
Look at XUL, XForms, Curl, Rebol and other emerging
technologies" that includes a brief intro to XForms
and an XForms critique too.

  Here's a summary of the "What's wrong with XForms?"

  * Watch your language - plain-English, please; no
academese or jaron-filled mumbo jumbo 
  * Markup bloat; don't overdo tags; allow attribute
  * XML fever; don't replace scripting with bloated
  * Drop namespaces; ditch the useless bloat from core

  Full story @

  I also might add that I'm going to add XForms
support (sanitized and cleaned-up) to Luxor over the
next couple of months.

  - Gerald 

PS: In case you wondered: What is Luxor? 

Luxor is a free, open-source XML User Interface
Language (XUL) toolkit in Java that supports
handpicked Mozilla XUL goodies and includes a web
server, a portal engine (supporting RSS), a template
engine (Velocity), a scripting interpreter (Python)
and much more.

Gerald Bauer
Luxor Project Lead       - http://luxor-xul.sf.net
The Richmond Post Editor -

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