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From: Chris Haynes <chris@harvington.org.uk>
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 21:54:27 +0100
Message-ID: <006f01c25f55$9595b330$0200000a@ringo>
To: <www-forms@w3.org>

On the www-style@w3.org list the following suggestion was made today
as a possible CSS3 addition:

In message <000501c25f0f$174fa940$fc00a8c0@solstice>, Ian Tindale
<ian_tindale@yahoo.co.uk> writes
>> It would be nice to have another possible value for
>> namely 'collapsible'.  This would mean that browsers implementing
>> suggestion could display the list in a collapsible tree-view style.
>Bit like 'display: none' then. In SVG, setting the display property
>'none' causes the affected element to be not rendered in the output
>tree. Ian Tindale

No, sorry, not like that.  I mean like the Windows Explorer tree view,
where the sub-lists can be made visible and invisible by the _user_
example by clicking a + or - symbol next to the list item).



The foillowing reply was received:
I think it has been mentioned before. But we should keep stylessheets,
just that. Stylesheets. Being able to define behaviour, should be the
of scripting. Not style. But that's just my view. It's perfectly
possible to
create a nice looking html page, that would behave like a tree view.
And add
it to elements, either with XBL in Moz or behaviours in IE. And once
have this component, you're good to go.

Svend Tofte

I wondered if XForms had anything to offer in this area.

I could copy any response back to the 'style' list, if you wish.


Chris Haynes
Received on Wednesday, 18 September 2002 17:01:54 UTC

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