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Re: 11.5: why submission/@separator?

From: Joe Schaefer <joe@sunstarsys.com>
Date: 05 Sep 2002 13:51:47 -0400
To: "Leigh L. Klotz" <klotz@adoc.xerox.com>
Cc: XForms List <www-forms@w3.org>
Message-ID: <m3r8g8e34c.fsf@mumonkan.sunstarsys.com>

"Leigh L. Klotz" <klotz@adoc.xerox.com> writes:


> Since we have a requirement to support legacy formats, and since it
> appears that "&" is required for interoperability, we added the option
> for force its use.

I'm perfectly happy with both ";" and "&" as possible separators, 
and leaving the decision up to the xforms author.  But I don't see 
the need for allowing any _other_ choice of separator character.  

To my knowledge, the restriction to either ";" or "&" is not 
spelled out in the current draft.

Joe Schaefer
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