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RE: readonly and setvalue

From: Tomayko, Ryan <Ryan_Tomayko@stercomm.com>
Date: Wed, 9 Oct 2002 13:53:15 -0400
Message-ID: <D037B3982A54D611BA5E000629383540015F7B6F@scidubmsg02.amr.stercomm.com>
To: "Subramanian Peruvemba (PV)" <subramanian.peruvemba@oracle.com>, www-forms@w3.org

All good questions and points. I agree that the draft leaves too much room
for ambiguity on this topic.

Also, after re-reading my original message, I really should clarify that I
was speaking based on how I personally thought an XForms Processor should
work and not based on concrete statements made in the working draft. As
you've pointed out, most of the ideas in that message can not be backed by
text in the working draft. Sorry if this was misleading for anyone.

- Ryan

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From: Subramanian Peruvemba (PV) [mailto:subramanian.peruvemba@oracle.com] 
Sent: Wednesday, October 09, 2002 11:29 AM
To: Tomayko, Ryan; www-forms@w3.org
Subject: RE: readonly and setvalue

>> First, making readonly a CSS attribute means that it can no longer be
>> dynamic. 

I agree CSS MAY not be as dynamic.

When you mark a control as readonly, you are making two statements:
 >> 1. *Display* this control in a way that a user will know that they
are   not able to interact with it. (grayed, etc.)
 >> 2. Do not allow user modification of data in this node.

I hope the spec was as clear. The only problem I have right now is that
the specs says the following.

1. readonly is a model item property. In reality this is does not
entirely fall into the category of a model Item property, but as long as
a clear explanation provided.

2. Definition of readonly says "ANY CHANGES" not allowed. Doesn't ANY
include processor also?

3. Says when calculate is present the DEFAULT is "true". Does this mean
a author can change the readonly to "false" (when a calculate is
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