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RE: Bookmark Example in XForms Spec

From: Subramanian Peruvemba \(PV\) <subramanian.peruvemba@oracle.com>
Date: Mon, 7 Oct 2002 07:13:17 -0700
To: "'Jérôme Nègre'" <jerome.negre@e-xmlmedia.fr>
Cc: "'Micah Dubinko'" <MDubinko@cardiff.com>, <www-forms@w3.org>
Message-ID: <000201c26e0b$af926de0$6401a8c0@speruvemus>

>>However, if you instance was like this:
>>	<a> (node 1)
>>		<b> (node 2)
>>			<a/> (node 3)
>>		</b>
>>	</a>
>> The input would be bound to node 1, and the relevant would apply to
>> 1 also.

OK. I see I made mistakes in wring my original examples. Hopefully I
have corrected the mistakes here (and this is not a nested bind)

    <bind id="b1" nodeset="/myroot/a/b"/>
    <bind id="b2" nodeset="a" relevant="false"/>

     <repeat ref="/myroot/a/b" >
        <input id="i1" bind="b2">

In the above example my input control is in the context of repeat
And the nodeset selected by repeat is /myroot/a/b 

Case 1:
  If my input is really binds to Node-1 (/myroot/a)
  So what is the expected behavior of insert/delete on the repeat.
 (Assuming the relevance is true of bind "b2"), If an "insert" is
triggered what/where is "new" node created?

Case 2:
   If my input binds to Node-3 (/myroot/a/b/a).
   Then the "relevance" property is attached to which node?
(/myroot/a/b/a OR /myroot/a).

This is what I think
  1. Input node binds to /myroot/a/b/a
  2. "relevance" property is attached to /myroot/a

Am I thinking right?
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