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Re: [XForms] Re: Non-standard use of XPath location paths in XForms 1.0

From: Stefano Debenedetti <demaledetti@yahoo.it>
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 19:45:35 +0100
Message-ID: <3DD29DCF.6090709@yahoo.it>
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Hi Andrew,

spec says:

> "the root node of the document containing the context node."

you say:

> ..the root node of the *document*.

seems to me some information got lost, it is funny 'cause your "pretty unambiguous" interpretation is taking something that looked really unambiguous to me, namely the XPath spec, and transformed it into something that I would definitely call pretty ambiguous, considering XForms (2 docs, enclosing and instance) usage scenarios of XPath, and maybe of XSLT also (transformation of documents that are nodes in the context of an enclosing document, namespace-driven transforms, ...).

But it's worth remarking that another great ambiguity is involved in repeatedly claiming, on other mailing lists, that maybe XML experts don't really make much to make XML easy (make it look like a solution, rather than something else) to a larger extent of the developers community and at the same time ignoring that the technologies for dealing with

> multinamespace XML documents which inevitably will 
> become increasingly common over the next few years

in an easy and effective (interoperable) way is not exactly at the reach of all developers now, if of any at all I shall say, nor it seems to be expected to be, in the nearmost future, I shall add, while on the other hand XForms _1.0_ enables everyone from the Joe Websites up to really do in a standard way something equally useful to all www users, with a thing like their-own-namespace-in-a-www-page, and that shows how XForms is actually going in the direction of enabling what you talk about.

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