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RE: In which state the works on the standard are?

From: Plech¹míd Martin <Martin.Plechsmid@merlin.cz>
Date: Thu, 2 May 2002 08:49:07 +0200
Message-ID: <E50028F23FC6D3118B7D00609761083F015E720A@MERKUR>
To: "'Micah Dubinko'" <MDubinko@cardiff.com>, "'XForms'" <www-forms@w3.org>

> 1) Navigation among several models:
> b. If you just need some temporary (non-submittable)
> instance data, this is a case we are currently
> discussing and would like to support. (but no
> guarantees on any particular outcome).

My situation is the following:

Our forms are static xml pages, server dynamically creates content of the
instance data islands only. Though we use a different way how to include
instance data into the form, the following syntax of an XForms fragment
results in the same problem:

	<xf:model id="xyz">
	<xf:instance xlink:href="xyz.asp" />
	<xf:bind ref="/x/z"
calculate="model('abc')/a/b[c=model('xyz')/x/y]/d" />
	<xf:submitInfo action="process_xyz.asp" ... />

	<xf:model id="abc">

"xyz" is the main model that receives initial values for the form from
database and after the user completes the form, the model's instance is
submitted back to the server. Suppose the structure of the "xyz"-model's
instance data is the following:

		<z />

I don't know any better way how to automatically calculate the value of <z>
based on the value of <y> and on the "translation table" from the other
model "abc" than using the xf:bind as above. Due to the way how the
instances' data are obtained, the two models cannot be combined into one.
Hence something like the model() function is necessary.

In fact, even the instance of the model "abc" can be obtained from an
external file, so for actual temporary form data, there must be another
(third) model defined.

I don't need the working group to solve these issues immediately, I only
wanted to know whether a decision has been taken already. If not, we will be
forced to do it in our own way.

Have a nice day,
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