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Wizards in XForms

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Date: Mon, 3 Jun 2002 06:45:41 -0700
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To: "Chaudhuri, Hiran (Software AG)" <g.s31d05b@lfstad.bayern.de>
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there are many aspects (wands:-) to a wizard.

For a multi-page wizard --use <switch>

For re-usable ui componentry we had defComponent and component in
earlier versions which we dropped in view of getting 1.0 done,
and also because the defComponent mechanism we invented looked
remarkably like xslt templates.
Chaudhuri, Hiran (Software AG) writes:
 > Hi there.
 > As I need to create some forms that need flexible use, I had a look at
 > XForms and am missing one feature (at least, it's not mentioned in the
 > XForms WD): Wizards.
 > I have searched the mailing list archives for that topic, only to find
 > others have asked about it, but there has not been a definitive answer.
 > So how are you supposed to build a Wizard? Shall all wizard pages reside in
 > one XForm document? Then how do you mark it as being a wizard? Which is the
 > start page, and how do you switch to subsequent pages? How do you ensure all
 > the pages operate with the same instance data?
 > Hiran

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