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RE: Strange construction in XForms schema

From: Josef Dietl <josef@mozquito.com>
Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2001 15:13:40 +0200
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To: "Eric van der Vlist" <vdv@dyomedea.com>, <www-forms@w3.org>
Hi Eric,

Yes, I was faintly aware of these discussions, but I couldn't find a
trace in the spec - I forgot the last sentence: "What am I missing?"...

The information about who is going to understand it is definitely very,
very valuable. But it's only one half of the equation. The other half
is: who is going to need it. There, I'm sure, XForms is not alone.

I'm not going to re-hash this discussion here, the only thing that is
obvious to me is: it is not obvious how to trade performance vs. feature
in this case.


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> Josef Dietl wrote:
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> > 
> > You are right, effectively we are building something that wasn't
> > possible if "written out" - but as so often in computer 
> sciences, one
> > level of indirection solves every problem.
> I wish this was true with W3C XML Schema :=( ...
> The restrictions of use with xs:all have been discussed at 
> length before 
> the specification went to Recommendation and they are here because of 
> potential problems with the implementation of schema validators as 
> finite state machines that you won't workaround by embedding a xs:all 
> within a xs:group.
> Whether documented or not in the Recommendation, doing so 
> probably means 
> that 50% of the schema validators will blow up trying to 
> validate some 
> of the combinations you expect to allow by the schema.
> Eric
> > Josef
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