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Re: XForms WD 20010608 - inconsistencies in <caption> and <help> elements

From: <AndrewWatt2001@aol.com>
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 12:51:26 EDT
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CC: cassandra@mozquito.com
In a message dated 11/07/01 16:54:04 GMT Daylight Time, 
cassandra@mozquito.com writes:

> In defense of the Working Group, I think the whole group is very aware
> of the fact that the current XForms spec is far from perfect.This is not
> because they haven't been trying to make it perfect either (I sit across
> from Josef and I can see how much time and effort he puts into this
> along with the others!). 
> There are many inconsistencies but remember  - this is a Work In
> Progress. The working group is probably very appreciative of the effort
> that the people on this list make to understand what the WG has written.
> Your input and experience is invaluable in helping these guys see things
> that perhaps they wouldn't see because they are so close to it.

Hi Cassandra,

What I was posting wasn't intended to be critical. I understood the primary 
purpose of the list to be gather feedback from those outwith the W3C WG 
process on the draft as it stood. I was simply trying to say that factually 
there was an inconsistency.

We all come at these things from different angles. Currently I am writing 
something on XForms and found quite a bit of difficulty joining up some of 
the loose ends. Sometimes that has been because I have been slow to grasp the 
meaning of the WD where it has on reflection been clear. On other occasions, 
as I became more familiar with the WD it seemed to me that things didn't hang 
together correctly.

I think with the June 2001 WD the WG has made a lot of progress. I hope that 
active feedback will help that development continue apace.


Andrew Watt
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