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Re: XForms WD 20011207: instance content

From: Jim Wissner <jim@jbrix.org>
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2001 20:48:43 -0500
Message-Id: <>
To: www-forms@w3.org

I think it's a great idea, and don't see any problems with it.  My "xforms" 
application framework has an example app that is an xform-building xform, 
and it works very well.  I use it often to design new xforms.  Of course it 
does things beyond the scope of the w3c spec, but that's another story - 
and I won't make further nuisance of myself on the list about that stuff!  :)

But yes - it seems like an arbitrary restriction that could be usefully 
dropped, and I can't see why there would be any adverse effects at all.


At 02:55 PM 12/18/2001 -0800, T. V. Raman wrote:
>Good point --and excellent catch!
>Personally I agree with you --please treat this as my
>personal opinion and not that of the XForms working group.
>We'll discuss this to see if any of the other members of the
>working have a good reason not to allow XForms elements in
>the instance --as a Lisp hacker I love the idea of being
>able to edit an XForm with an another XForm.
>Given the high quality of feedback on this list, I'd like to
>hear from other participants here in case they spot a reason
>  that would make allowing XForm: elements in the instance.
>Thanks for your careful reading --
> >>>>> "JOHANSSON," == JOHANSSON, Justin <Justin.JOHANSSON@baesystems.com> 
> writes:
>     JOHANSSON,> Hello all, IMHO the following 4.3.2 quoted
>     JOHANSSON,> below is unnecessarily restrictive.
>     JOHANSSON,> 4.3.2 instance The content of the instance
>     JOHANSSON,> element is arbitrary XML in any namespace
>     JOHANSSON,> other that the XForms namespace. Authors
>     JOHANSSON,> must ensure ....
>     JOHANSSON,> XForms should be heading towards the
>     JOHANSSON,> capability of a form to able to provide
>     JOHANSSON,> editing facilities for and the submission of
>     JOHANSSON,> arbitrary XML without qualification.  After
>     JOHANSSON,> all, as part of a generic XML editing
>     JOHANSSON,> application, an author may wish (as I do) to
>     JOHANSSON,> develop a form for editing XForm data (ie. a
>     JOHANSSON,> form for editing a form).
>     JOHANSSON,> It seems no big deal to me if the XForms
>     JOHANSSON,> spec simply dropped that restriction.  So
>     JOHANSSON,> long as it is understood that everything
>     JOHANSSON,> inside a top-level instance element is to be
>     JOHANSSON,> interpreted as instance data then that is
>     JOHANSSON,> sufficient.
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