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XForms WD 20011207: instance content

From: JOHANSSON, Justin <Justin.JOHANSSON@baesystems.com>
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2001 15:58:24 +1030
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Hello all,

IMHO the following 4.3.2 quoted below is unnecessarily restrictive.

4.3.2 instance
The content of the instance element is arbitrary XML in any namespace 
other that the XForms namespace. Authors must ensure ....

XForms should be heading towards the capability of a form to 
able to provide editing facilities for and the submission of arbitrary
XML without qualification.  After all, as part of a generic XML 
editing application, an author may wish (as I do) to develop 
a form for editing XForm data (ie. a form for editing a form).

It seems no big deal to me if the XForms spec simply dropped
that restriction.  So long as it is understood that everything 
inside a top-level instance element is to be interpreted as 
instance data then that is sufficient.

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