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commonUIAttributes definition

From: by way of <jerome.negre@e-xmlmedia.fr>
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 17:01:31 +0900 (JST)
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in the last WD, the attributeGroup commonUIAttributes is defined as :

<xsd:attributeGroup name="commonUIAttributes">
    <xsd:attribute ref="xml:lang" type="xsd:language" use="optional"/>

But according to XML Schema Part 1 - §3.2.3, I think this should rather be :

<xsd:attributeGroup name="commonUIAttributes">
    <xsd:attribute ref="xml:lang" use="optional"/>

extract :

3.2.3 Constraints on XML Representations of Attribute Declarations
Schema Representation Constraint: Attribute Declaration Representation OK

In addition to the conditions imposed on <attribute> element information
items by the schema for schemas, all of the following must be true:
1 default and fixed must not both be present.
2 If default and use are both present, use must have the ·actual value·
3 If the item's parent is not <schema>, then all of the following must be
3.1 One of ref or name must be present, but not both.
3.2 If ref is present, then all of <simpleType>, form and type must be
absent.             <-----------------  it's here
4 type and <simpleType> must not both be present.
5 The corresponding attribute declaration must satisfy the conditions set
out in Constraints on Attribute Declaration Schema Components (§3.2.6).

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