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RE: [XFORM][CALL FOR] XForms Tutorial/Introduction

From: Schulze, Matthias <schulze@dresden-informatik.de>
Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2001 16:35:47 +0200
Message-ID: <7140E412EB5ED411B8720050BF1123B00CCCD0@www.dresden-informatik.de>
To: "'Joern Turner'" <joern.turner@web.de>, www-forms@w3.org
>XForms should integrate easily with existing markups but provide a
>more model-driven approach

that's my point as well. The advantage of XForms is to take a schema + model
and render or question data accordingly. The UI should be generally

When the content is schematized and separated from layout, XForms might
potentially change the whole way the web works. 
Today the users can't technically distinguish the real content from the
(mostly unwanted) advertising, navigation and non-sense frame. That's why
searching the web is rather fuzzy and inaccurate, and constructing a
personalized web-portal which is independent of a specific .com is even

But the vast part of web-business is built upon this restriction.
Contentproviders won't give away their information as XML without merging it
with cookies, banners and "Click here"s. In fact, that's where micropayment
would have to come into play.

So my biggest concern is that XForms will still require hand-coding the UI,
rather than render the data according to the model and take only additional
hints from the UI (which is also desirable from a application-development
point of view).
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