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AW: Using XSL-T to convert XForm to HTML: Impossible?

From: Josef Dietl <josef@mozquito.com>
Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2000 18:45:51 +0200
To: "Simon Brooke" <simon@jasmine.org.uk>, <www-forms@w3.org>
Hello Simon,

I'm glad to hear this type of input because it helps make XForms a
better specification. Let me recap what you are saying, just to make
sure I understand you correctly:
You say that the separation of model and instance makes it impossible to
create a pre-populated HTML form from an XForm document in one XSL-T
transformation. Right?

Generally speaking, that's not as it should be. As far as I can tell, it
really is a difficulty related to the mere _concept_ of separation of
model and instance. You not doubting the usefulness of this separation
raises the question: Is it a design bug in XForm or a weakness in XSL-T?
Given the history of XSL-T (originally a presentational language, in
tandem with XSL-FO), it looks like a bad choice for the task at hand.
Admittedly there's not much choice around.

So, I'd rather adress the need for a more powerful transformation
language than change the design of XForm. What do you think?

Josef Dietl
Chief Scientist
Mozquito Technologies -- http://www.mozquito.com

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> Betreff: Using XSL-T to convert XForm to HTML: Impossible?
> I've just been studying the XForm data model with a view to
> writing a general
> XSL-T transform to convert an XForm for delivery on legacy
> HTML devices, and
> I come to the conclusion that the separation of model and
> instance data makes
> this impossible. I cannot, in a single transformation, create
> a pre-populated
> HTML form from an XForm document.
> I'm not arguing that separation of model and instance is a
> bad thing -
> clearly it's not - but if I'm right this does mean that
> writing code which
> will address both XForm-capable and legacy devices is
> extremely difficult and
> requires great duplication of code. Legacy devices are
> inevitably going to be
> with us for a considerable time and so must be supported,
> There is, in
> effect, no migration path.
> Am I right? If so, has some thought been given to this?
> --
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