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RE: XSL and XForm

From: Nkishi Kayembe <nkishi.kayembe@cactuscom.ca>
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2000 10:14:04 -0400
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Has anyone considered using XSL to map XForm into other markup languages
(HDML, WML, XHML, etc.) bidirectionally?



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From: schulze@dresden-informatik.de
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Subject: Re: XSL and XForm

visit mozquito.org and check out their demo.

mozquito supports xhtml plus some xforms features like calculation,
datatype validation and toggles for hiding / displaying content
dynamicly. The non-html extra features (other words: the mozquito
engine) are all encapsulated by jscript / javascript and included into
the html by the transformation (runs on netscape + ie). That means that
the mozquito engine (40 k or so) is beeing "statically linked" into
every transformed page. I think that doesn't degrade runtime performance
to much, because the design allows multi-page forms (with toggles) that
are downloaded at once. Switching between these pages doesn't cause a
http-roundtrip -> very fast + comfortable !!!!

This principle of using html to emulate xforms is very promising because
you don't have to wait until all browsers support it nativly.

Personally, i'd prefer putting the engine into a invisible applet (pros:
no jscript code visible, applet must be downloaded only once, applet is
more powerful + standard). The next step could be to transform xforms ->
html4 at the *client*.


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Von: Frank Taffelt [mailto:frank.taffelt@interface-business.de]
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Betreff: XSL and XForm

my idea is : transform a XForm with XSL into pure HTML Form Tags. 

has anybody done this , or suggestions ?

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