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Re: Comments 7.7.2 (PR#144)

From: Nick Van den Bleeken <xforms-issues@mn.aptest.com>
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2007 09:51:33 -0500
Message-Id: <200709121451.l8CEpX4U001150@htmlwg.mn.aptest.com>
To: mike@saxonica.com
CC: www-forms-editor@w3.org

Dear Michael,

We have deprecated if().  It is still supported, but authors and design tool
creators have been encouraged to change over to using choose().  We also removed
return type rationalization from choose() to make it more compatible with the
XPath 2.0 if construct.

Adoption of XPath 2.0 is likely to correspond to XForms 2.0.  As a major version
change to the language, it will be safe for us to drop support for if() in that
version. We expect to also have an XForms 1.2, and we will likely have to leave
if() as supported but deprecated in that language version too.


Nick Van den Bleeken

>     I. The if() function poses particular problems because if() is not
>     allowed as a function name in XPath 2.0 for syntactic reasons.
>     If your functions were namespace qualified, this would be no
>     problem. This is an example where thinking of your transition
>     strategy to XPath 2.0 would be important.
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