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Re: ITS Rule file (PR#119)

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Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2007 15:24:37 -0500
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> --- 1) Is the WG planning to provide an ITS Rule file along with the  
> specification (e.g. as a non-normative appendix)?
> [[ Just in case if you are not familiar with ITS: It is a Proposed  
> Recommendation (planning to go as Recommendation next week) that
> define a set of elements and attributes that provide "read-to-go"  
> internationalization features. See also: http://www.w3.org/TR/its/
> ]]
> For instance, when I look at the second XML code sample in section 2.1, I  
> see several elements containing text: <label> and <value>.
> Most, if not all, localization tools, as well as ITS, assume element  
> content is translatable. However in this case I'm guessing that
> <value>Cash</Cash> is not.
> While this is fine because tools have ways to specify an element should  
> not be translated, it is very often quite difficult no know
> *which elements* is like that. Having a list of elements that are  
> non-translatable (or conversely if there are more non-translatable
> than translatable elements) would help a lot.
> This list could be expressed using ITS rules. This way all user of  
> translation tools (or other language-related applications such as
> spell-checker, machine-translation engines, etc) could look up that set of  
> rules and process accordingly. In this example it would
> be as simple as:
> <its:rules xmlns:its="http://www.w3.org/2005/11/its" version="1.0">
>   <its:translateRule selector="//value" translate="no"/>
> </its:rules>

An ITS rule file is not a normative part of the recommendation and we would be
happy to provide some meeting time to help I18N WG create it, but we do not have
the resources to create it.

Ulrich Nicolas Lissé.
For the Forms WG
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