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Re: XML Core WG review of XForms 1.1 (PR#48)

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Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2007 14:54:54 -0500
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> The XML Core WG (for which I am speaking officially) has found the
> following six issues with the Last Call draft of XForms 1.1:
> 1) XForms inherits the definition of "id" from the language in which it
> is embedded; as such, it cannot be readily embedded in a language where
> the ID attribute is "xml:id".  Either should be allowed.

We added a note to Common Attributes: "Elements can be identified using any
attribute of type ID (such as xml:id), not just the id attribute defined

> 2) There is a normative reference to XForms 1.0 that seems unnecessary,
> as XForms 1.1 is self-contained.

We moved XForms 1.0 to a informative reference.

> 3) The types xforms:dayTimeDuration and yearMonthDuration should be
> moved to the list of datatypes that allow empty content in 5.2.7,
> and their places should be occupied by the types xs:dayTimeDuration
> and xs:yearMonthDuration.  These types are in the XML Schema namespace,
> but are defined by the XQuery 1.0/XSLT 2.0 data model.

We cannot move xforms:dayTimeDuration and xforms:yearMonthDuration to the xs:
types from XQuery 1.0 / XSLT 2.0 because XForms 1.1 is based on XML Schema 1.0
and XPath 1.0.

> 4) xs: seems to be preferred to xsd: as the prefix for the XML Schema
> namespace; xsd: suggests the XML Schema Datatypes namespace.

We change xsd:schema and children to xs:schema and children, and add a
definition of the xs: namespace, but leave occurrences the definition
xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" and the uses on datatypes, because
that's what XML Schema Part 0 does.  Implementors will already note that XML
Schema requires handling of type definitions in the
xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-datatypes" namespace without special
instruction from XForms.

> 5) The XForms-specific procedures should be harmonized with the XPath
> 2.0 function library where possible.

We agree that XForms-specific procedures should be harmonized with XPath 2.0
functions library where possible.

> 6) XForms 1.1 refers to the standard ISO/IEC 7812-1 normatively in order
> to define the credit card checksum algorithm.  This standard is available
> only for money, and we think the algorithm should be restated in XForms 1.1
> and the reference changed to an informative one.  The algorithm itself
> is in the public domain; an adequate specification of it can be found
> at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luhn_algorithm .

We change the Luhn reference from ISO/IEC 7912-1 to expired patent "U.S. PATENT
2,950,048 Computer for Verifying Numbers.", H.P. Luhn.  We change terminology
from "Luhn formula" to "Luhn algorithm" to make finding the Wikipedia entry
easy.  We retain "Luhn function" for now.

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