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RE: Fw: [XForms 1.1] Inserting into an empty element (section 9.3.5 processing (PR#172)

From: Clark, John <CLARKJ2@ccf.org>
Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2007 09:29:24 -0400
Message-ID: <F122C25B4CD6F34BB119A97593679601027CA8EB@CCHSCLEXMB59.cc.ad.cchs.net>
To: www-forms-editor@w3.org

> Hi John,
> Yes, it was an omission of the spec, and insertion into an 
> empty node was intended.
> The latest editor's draft available from the Forms WG home 
> page contains a correction.  Please see the diff-marked 
> version.  Also, please note that step 6 received other 
> modifications due to addressing other last call comments, so 
> the fix needed to address your specific issue is at the end 
> of step 6c.  Please let us know if you have any further 
> concerns about this issue.

Could you please explain what the phrase "or the child list if the
'insert location node' is empty" means?  What is the "child list"?  What
does it mean to insert a node before the child list of another node?

Also, as I read the latest diff-marked version of section 9.3.5[0], I am
concerned that it is impossible to insert a (non-attribute) node as a
child of an element that has no children and is the root element of an

Consider the "Append new person" trigger in the first example in that
section.  In this example, when this trigger first receives the
DOMActivate event the "insert context" is `instance('people')`, the Node
Set Binding node-set is the empty node-set, the "origin node-set" is
`instance('personProto')`, and the "insert location node" is
`instance('people')`.  Now, to determine the "target location", we use
rule 6.  Subrule "a." does not apply, since the cloned node is an
element.  Moving to subrule "b.", since the "insert location node" is
the root element of the 'people' instance, the root element of the
'people' instance becomes the "target location".  Thus, in rule 7, since
the "target location" is "the root element of an instance, then the
cloned node replaces the instance root element."  I don't think this was
the intent of that example.

I believe that swapping subrules "b." and "c." would solve this problem.


Take care,

    John L. Clark


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