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8.3.4 and 8.3.5: Various errors in text

From: Mark Birbeck <Mark.Birbeck@x-port.net>
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2003 00:36:26 -0000
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In the sections on xforms:help and xforms:hint, there are a couple of

1. The event names are xforms:help and xforms:hint, but they should be
xforms-help and xforms-hint.
2. The text uses:

    <message type="modeless">


    <message type="ephemeral">

The attribute @type should be @level (see 10.1.2).

In addition, I would suggest that the wording

    ... event handler that responds with <message type="ephemeral">

doesn't mean anything. It's neither an English phrase nor valid XML and
should really be made into one or the other. I think it would be clearer to
write it in words. Something like:

    ... that responds with [a message action with a level of "ephemeral"].

Alternatively the XML could be made correct. For example:

    The optional element hint provides a convenient way to attach hint
    information to a form control. [This is equivalent to the following:

        <message type="ephemeral" ev:event="xforms-hint">
            Please enter the number and street name



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