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XForms CR - 8.1.3

From: <AndrewWatt2001@aol.com>
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 13:19:31 EST
Message-ID: <19f.bef9496.2b0bdab3@aol.com>
To: www-forms@w3.org, www-forms-editor@w3.org, xforms@yahoogroups.com

I would like to suggest that the XForms WG consider modifying the behaviour 
of the <xforms:secret> form control.

Specifically, I want to suggest that the WG explore the advantages of the 
approach used in Lotus Notes, where a random but small number of characters 
is displayed on screen for each character entered at the keyboard. That 
approach makes it signficantly more difficult to mentally record someone 
else's password.

Since XForms appears to be being targetted at use on serious business forms 
it seems to me that this is an enhancement which should be given serious 

I appreciate that there are many other aspects to obtaining, or failing to 
obtain, secure entry and transmission of passwords. The suggestion I have 
made seems to me to be easily implemented and provide useful additional 
protection for the user of the form.

This is submitted to www-forms-editor@w3.org with the aim of eliciting a 
formal response.

Andrew Watt
Received on Tuesday, 19 November 2002 13:20:11 UTC

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