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STOP [was: Re: XForms CR - A further departure from XPath 1.0?]

From: Sebastian Schnitzenbaumer <schnitz@webaccess.mozquito.com>
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 23:23:21 +0100
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OK - I've had it.

Tim - I'm sure you're not listening, and you schouldn't. Thank you.


I'm quoting you from [1]:
"PS: As the originator of the 'XForms' discussion list at Yahoo! Groups and
strong participant within the XForms community, what would you say to
convince developers that XForms has a place in the future of the web?
AW: I see many workflows/dataflows being primarily XML-based. XForms allows
capture of user-provided data in an XML format, automatic validation and
transmission as XML to a datastore. That data will, in the near future, be
queried using XQuery (see below). The results of a data query will be
transformed using XSLT, and other languages, and presented as SVG Web pages.

PS: If someone wanted to begin learning XForms, what should they do?

AW: There are two main XForms discussion fora. Join the XForms mailing list
on Yahoo Groups (http://www.yahoogroups.com/group/XForms or email
XForms-subscribe@yahoogroups.com) or the www-xforms list

Maybe I shouldn't say this, since he is a competing author, but have a look
at Micah Dubinko's draft XForms book on http://dubinko.info. Of course, you
won't be surprised to learn that competing XForms books are also under

You, Andrew Watt, "the originator of XForms discussion list at Yahoo!", a
"strong participant within the XForms community" and a book author on
XForms, are now talking to, Sebastian Schnitzenbaumer, "co-chair and
co-founder of the XForms WG", one of the individuals who made "your XForms"
possible in the first place and HE is telling YOU that you are working
against your own personal future. If you ever want your book to ship, I
suggest you stop your arrogant and impolite posting behaviour NOW. You are
not helping the Working Group finish its work on XForms 1.0. The way you
communicate and the irrelevance of many of your posts makes us stop work.

- Sebastian

[1] http://digitalcraft.com.au/svg/blurbs/blurb002.asp
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