These are not formal comments from the HTML Working Group, just comments from one document editor to another:
  1. The PDF version of the document does not seem to be well formatted - lines overlap, and the look and feel is not nearly the same as the HTML version when it is viewed in a browser.  In the XHTML specs we use html2ps with various options that seems to do a pretty good job.  I would be happy to assist with that if there is interest.
  2. The document is written in HTML 4.01 transitional instead of XHTML.  I request that you convert it to XHTML 1.1 (if possible), or at the very least to XHTML 1.0 Transitional.
  3. There is no DTD implementation.  There really should be.  The HTML Working Group is available to assist with defining XForms DTDs that fit with XHTML Modularization's DTDs.
  4. There is no PostScript version of the document.
  5. There is no "tar" version of the document archive, only zip.
  6. I REALLY like your diff-mark presentation conventions, and am going to adopt them in XHTML.  Thanks!

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