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From: DR MRS MARIAM MALATU <mariampriority@email.com>
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 20:27:19 -0000
Message-Id: <200204110608.g3B68VW23869@sophia.inria.fr>
To: <www-forms-editor@w3.org>
E-MAIL: mariampriority@email.com 
Tele/fax number 234 1 7740434 EFAX number 7752561718 
Following the sudden death of my husband, I have been thrown into a state 
of utter Confusion, frustration and hopeless ness by the present Civilian 
administration; I have been subjected to physical and psychological 
torture by the security Agents in the country. My son is still under 
detention Arraigned before the federal high court in Sierra Leon for 
Offence he did not commit. 
As a widow that is so Traumatized, I have lost confidence with anybody 
within my country and many out rightly blackmail us during my course for a 
reputable friend and partner I came across your contact in my period of 
desperation to seek for any available person who even without knowing me 
might consider giving me an attention to express myself. 
I therefore wish to solicit for your assistance in this most urgent 
situation of mine that will be of benefit to you too. I am Mrs. Maria 
Malatu, the wife of the late former chairman of Sierra Leon National Gold 
Mining Corporation, who was assassinated in march1999 in the height of one 
of the conflicts between rebels and the then government forces to 
overthrow the resin staled democratic president of Alhaji Tejan Kamma 
which resulted into a tribal war which forced most citizens to run out of 
the country to neighboring countries as refugees. As I was getting our 
remaining family belongings together in preparation to flee the country 
following my husbands death and the continuous threat son my life for the 
past two years, by the rebel soldiers of Mr. Fodeh Sankoh in order to 
claim my husband's assets which I have no full control over, I discovered 
the keys to my husband's valuable vault. Upon the opening of this vault I 
discovered two metallic boxes that my husband kept, but never told me 
about, because of the instruction he was given concerning the boxes. My 
son and I opened these boxes and discovered their contents to be the sum 
of US$25,500,000.00 cash (Twenty Five Million, Five Hundred Thousand 
United States Dollars) as stated in the covering note inside the boxes. 
Following this discovery, I and my son Prince John Malantu entered an 
arrangement with a close friend of my husband a Nigerian who works in the 
embassy in my country who helped and smuggled us and the boxes to Cotonou 
republic of Benin for an agreed fee. He introduced us to this reputable 
finance and security firm "Global Security and Finance Company Limited" 
where we deposited the boxes. I informed the security company that the 
boxes belong to my late husband's friend and we are helping him to deposit 
it with them, we did this so as to prevent them from inspecting the 
content of the boxes. I however made them to understand that the contents 
are valuable African artworks, which they noted, that the owner would be 
coming soon to claim them for export. At the moment, I have decided with 
my son to seek refuge in Nigeria, with the help of my father's friend. My 
son is still currently sitting refuge in Cotonou republic of Benin, while 
I am to solicit for a trust-worthy partner. Now we are ready to claim the 
deposit but the security company will require the presence of the 
beneficiary or for us to come up with the name of the owner to enable them 
make out the original certificate of deposit in his name. In view of this, 
I am soliciting for your direct assistance to help us present yourself as 
the beneficiary of the deposit and help us upon claim, for viable 
investment to sustain my son's future. We have agreed that a substantial 
percentage will be offered to you on the conclusion of this. You will be 
also expected to play a very vital role on any business venture you will 
introduce us into. I am very certain that the movement of these assets 
away from the shores of West Africa will be successful. Everything has 
been working out Miraculously for us. And I do not foresee any changes in 
our faith. If you are interested to assist us in good faith, do please get 
back to us urgently on the above E-mail address: - 
mariampriority@email.com so that I can furnish you with every necessary 
Thanks for your anticipated co-operation. 
Yours faithfully, 
Mrs. Maria Malatu 
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