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Re: SVG Fonts inside of OpenType fonts? [Cross-post from www-font@w3.org]

From: Laurence Penney <lorp@lorp.org>
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2011 20:35:22 +0100
Cc: list.adam@twardoch.com
Message-Id: <A7AEADC3-29C8-4ED7-95D1-D0B2B8322B48@lorp.org>
To: www-font@w3.org
Interesting idea, Adam, and well presented. I have a few questions.

What file extension should sfnt-SVG fonts have?

When used on the web, should an sfnt-SVG font become a full participant in the DOM? Or should its structure be shielded from the DOM, like normal fonts?

If it becomes part of the DOM, can individual glyphs and glyph elements, such as the contour representing the dot of the i, be manipulated by JavaScript (change position, shape, colour)? Should JavaScript be able to manipulate just a single instance of a glyph in this way, or would it affect all instances in the document?

If glyph shape can be adjusted by JavaScript, might SVG fonts be a useful way of offering Superpolator-style control to browser layout applications?

Should glyphs in sfnt-SVG fonts reflect styling set up by the document's CSS that affects inline SVG?

How might a cache work? Would it be practical to use multiple planes of the existing greyscale cache to represent 32-bit images? Does it make sense to talk of a cache with animated glyphs?

When does an animation start, on page-load or when the glyph appears? Should all glyphs in a document be synchronized? What happens when the text changes? Does the animation for the changed text restart? Without a diff operator how does the DOM know just which characters have changed? When glyph animations are used for useful content, users will want to start, stop, scrub, rewind - how might this be presented? Should animation support be optional for a client? Do animated glyphs need a static counterpart?

- L

On 26 Jun 2011, at 11:41, Adam Twardoch (List) wrote:

> Dear list members of www-font,
> as well as the cc'ed members of www-svg, www-style, public-webfonts-wg
> and OpenType lists,
> I'd like to share with you some thoughts regarding possible future of
> SVG Fonts. ...
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