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RE: Windows EOT name table limit (was: EOT-Lite and ZOT Firefox test build available)

From: Simon Daniels <simonda@microsoft.com>
Date: Thu, 6 Aug 2009 00:16:58 +0000
To: John Daggett <jdaggett@mozilla.com>, www-font <www-font@w3.org>
Message-ID: <8ED529C2735C904783969C6ACDB867280F358C@TK5EX14MBXW651.wingroup.windeploy.ntdev.microsoft.com>
Our font technology team (owners of t2embed) are definitely aware of the issue and are investigating. If people are aware of any other specific fonts that exceed 5K character limit in the license field (or potentially description field) please contact me directly.

Cheers, Si

Si Daniels
Lead PM for fonts, Microsoft typography

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Subject: Re: Windows EOT name table limit (was: EOT-Lite and ZOT Firefox test build available)

John Hudson wrote:

> > Gentium won't work in IE8/Win 7 due to a regression bug in the
> > t2embed library; as part of a Windows security patch the decision
> > was made to not load fonts with more than 5K in a name table record,
> > which includes fonts like Gentium...
> And a lot of other fonts. Pretty much any font that contains a license
> text in the OT name table, as permitted by the OT specification, is
> going to exceed this limit. It isn't required to put the license text
> in the name table (and a license URL is possible in addition to or
> instead of the full text), but quite a significant number of font
> developers do this.

Right, I can't see this fix sticking since it will cause all sorts of
regression bugs (i.e. embedded documents suddenly not rendering the
correct font).  Maybe Microsoft can comment here?

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