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Re: Font license vs. conversion between font formats

From: karsten luecke <list@kltf.de>
Date: Wed, 8 Jul 2009 15:52:34 +0200 (MEST)
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To: www-font@w3.org
Dear Mr Rantalainen,

it should have become clear in the discussion that type foundries are pragmatic enough to not expect any *real* protection, but do expect some kind of a fence or stop sign.

The argument is a bit odd:
-- Web developers declare they want to use commercial fonts
-- and, together with browser makers, promise a new market to type foundries.
-- At the same time, the only thing web developers care for, and lament about, is how much work possible conversion of free fonts will be.

As to the latter point:
The according tool(s) would make conversion a quick drag-and-drop operation, possibly presenting a "Sure this is a free font? Mind that conversion of commercial fonts usually is not permitted." and asking for a click for confirmation. (As an analogy, before packaging documents e.g. for the printer, InDesign informs the designer that EULAs may not allow transferring fonts to other parties.) This would be done once per project. (How many projects do you start per day?)
And if web developers license commercial fonts for use on the web as they claim they want (the promise of a new market) they are of course provided with web-fonts in the according format -- no extra conversion work.
There is no unbearable burden.

I start wondering what the real motives *against* an exclusive format for web-fonts are. Fear of a new situation when you need to care not only for text and image rights, but also for font rights? That you need to get and pay for a proper font license? After all, the idea of licensing fonts seems rather new to web developers who so far had to rely on quasi-free system fonts.

Best wishes,
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