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RE: ascender, descender, cap-height and x-height

From: Karlsson Kent - keka <keka@im.se>
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2000 17:16:15 +0100
Message-ID: <C110A2268F8DD111AA1A00805F85E58DA68594@ntgbg1>
To: www-font@w3.org
(I don't dare cc www-style, since that seems to
cause multiple copies on each of those lists.)

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> From: John Hudson [mailto:tiro@tiro.com]
> Using the ascender + descender is problematic for a number of 
> reasons, not
> least of which is that it is script specific. Insisting that
> ascender+descender should equal the em height in the fonts is not only
> meaningless for most of the world's writing systems, it can cause bad
> clipping problems for diacritics with stacked accents, as is 
> already seen
> in Microsoft's WGL4 core fonts with stacked Danish diacritics.

Ideally, whatever the ""em"", the ""em"" or similar value
should NOT cause any clipping. (I know, it does in some
systems. Bad idea. Very bad idea for Vietnamese.)

Side remark: As far as I know, "stacked Danish diacritics"
(I guess you mean capital  with acute) only occur in
dictionaries. As opposed to just any text, like stacked
diacritics in Vietnamese.

		Kind regards
		/kent k
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