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Re: Fixed Fonts in HTML Form Select Input

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Date: Tue, 26 Mar 96 18:17:29 est
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     You can use the FONT=Courier tag that Microsoft defined, however this 
     will not work for all browsers and is not part of the HTML standards. 
     Short of this, you can ask the user to set their default font to 

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Subject: Fixed Fonts in HTML Form Select Input
Author:  www-font@w3.org at huxleypo
Date:    3/21/96 1:30 AM

I am a CGI developer with limited font experience, but I've done my 
homework and still cannot find a way to specify that the option lines of a 
HTML form Select input are displayed in a fixed font (I am trying to display 
concatenated database fields in a line.  Am I missing something or is this 
yet another problem left to the current "font wars"?  Thanks for any help!
Marie Wadman
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