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Re: jap printer fonts

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Date: Thu, 14 Mar 96 14:42:21 est
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     If you can see the kanji characters on your screen, setup the printer 
     to print "Fonts as Graphics". Most North America printers will not 
     accept a kanji font. There are so many restrictions between the 
     applications, drivers, and printers -- graphics mode is the best. 

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Subject: jap printer fonts
Author:  www-font@w3.org at huxleypo
Date:    3/14/96 1:10 PM

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     how do I print a Japanese web page on my HP laserjet printer?
     I presume I need to download some Japanese fonts; Does anyone know of 
     a good site on the web that provides Japanese printer fonts (including 
     kanji) for downloading? I have used the usual Web search engines but 
     none of the links that I followed up were useful.
     S. Baig
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