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Infoworld take on Apple-Adobe-NS Font annc

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And there will be another major annc very soon now, from a Conspicuously  
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Adobe, Netscape, Apple at work on HTML font standard

By Dana Gardner
InfoWorld Electric

Posted at 6:49 PM PT, Feb 26, 1996
Adobe Systems Inc., Apple Computer Inc., and Netscape Communications Corp.  
are working to define an HTML font standard to deliver a wider variety of  
fonts for ready use by World Wide Web sites, the companies announced Monday.

The three companies expect to provide a cross-platform solution for using  
Type 1 and TrueType fonts in HTML and PDF documents. The result: a richer  
visual appeal for Internet-based information.

Specifically, the companies plan to present:

* Anti-aliased type for higher screen quality for both large and small type sizes. 

* Embedded, compressed fonts for fast performance over 14.4Kbps modem  
connections and for font fidelity.

* Progressively rendered fonts that enable the screen to display text immediately. 

* Font subsetting that improves performance because only the characters  
needed will be downloaded.

The fonts exploit technology under development as part of Adobe's Acrobat  
"Amber" Plug-in for Netscape Navigator. The new font technology will be  
supported in the next version of "Amber" and later this year in Netscape  
Navigator client software. Apple bundles Adobe Acrobat and Netscape Navigator  
with the Apple Internet Connection Kit and the Apple Internet Server Solution.  

Mountain View, Calif.-based Adobe can be reached at  http://www.adobe.com/ .

Apple, in Cupertino, Calif., can be reached at  http://www.apple.com/ .

Netscape, in Mountain View, Calif., can be reached at   
http://www.netscape.com/ . 
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