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Re[2]: display vs text faces

From: <glen@met.bitstream.com>
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 96 10:26:27 est
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        There are three components to the Ares solution as I understand. There 
is a master font which is quite large, the morphing control logic which 
generates the font descriptors (2-3kb) and the rendering logic. The rendering 
logic takes the font descriptors and the master font(very large), and renders a 
font image. Designers and publishing software use real fonts to publish, not the
chameleon fonts.... I don't know if designers will ever part with the font they 
use.... Try looking at Bitstream's TrueDoc http://www.bitstream.com/

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Subject: Re: display vs text faces
Author:  www-font@w3.org at huxleypo
Date:    2/16/96 7:42 AM

At 6:59p 01/26/96, Walter Ian Kaye wrote:
>I wonder if Ares Software would care to use their font descriptor technology? 
>I pulled this excerpt from an article on AOL in their MDP forum:
>  FontChameleon from Ares Software (415/578-9090) offers the ability
>  to manipulate the master fonts in applications that have QuickDraw GX 
>  slides for weight, height and width.
>  Future versions of Apple's operating system and printers will further 
>  integrate and tweak Quickdraw GX. Upcoming OS's will also use
>  Ares Software's Chameleon technology. Used in the FontChameleon
>  application, Chameleon automatically generates TrueType and Postscript 
>  Type 1 fonts from master outlines and preset descriptor files. Combined
>  with Quickdraw GX, Chameleon should offer enhanced document portability, 
>  and better font selections and type effects, requiring minimal RAM and
>  disk space.
>The font descriptor files are very small (2-3K).
>Ares is best known for their "FontMonger" PS/TT converter.
Well, I contacted Ares via email. Their frustrating situation:
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From: AresSW@aol.com
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 1996 18:03:36 -0500 
To: boo@best.com
Subject: Re: Fonts for WWW
Sorry Walter,
My hands are tied.  I can't subscribe or offer any services, until  Ares cuts 
through the red tape of getting on the WWW.
Ares Technical Support,
David Hespelt
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