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Font Production for Web

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Date: Tue, 06 Feb 96 22:40:37 est
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     David and Hussein,
     Here are our thoughts on font production on the publishing side. Glen 
     Font Production Overview:
     Authoring a finished document or Web page should contain complete 
     references to all the resources needed to support the document. It may 
     contain references to Text, Fonts, graphics, audio, animations, or 
     video. Fonts accessed by authoring tools should exist in either 
     TrueType or Type1 format. These are the two formats that font 
     foundries know how to produce and application developers know how to 
     access and image. Also device drivers for printers only know these two 
     Authors or publisher and their applications are responsible for 
     creation of the document and all resource links including the neutral 
     font data. The data can be attached to documents or referenced with a 
     url so that it can be optionally retrieved by the user.
     Production of the neutral font data is done by the authoring tools. 
     TrueDoc provides the functions to produce this neutral font data which 
     we call Portable Font Resources or PFRs.  TrueDoc is supplied as an 
     SDK to developers and includes complete source code, Mac libs, and Win 
     libs for 16 and 32 bit. 
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