Your email -OK

From: anne (
Date: Mon, Nov 26 2001

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    Message-Id: <>
    From: "anne" <>
    Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2001 05:50:03 +0000
    Subject: Your email -OK
    I saw your advert on (Im
    HOTNIGHTSOK) and your profiles right for me !! - I
    want an uncomplicated laugh only.
    You can page me through my profile page or if you want
    to phone me I use the club call-forward system.
    The number is 0909 027 0268 and my call forward pin
    number to dial in to catch me is Inner sanctum - 375 
    pass- 34557  (tap them in after you hear the details)
    If you call please be QUICK because of the call
    charges - If we are OK on the phone I will give you my
    mobile number.
    Hope we hook up
    Anne Marie