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Date: Wed, Nov 21 2001

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    Date: Wed,20 十一月 2001 16:15:51 +0800
    Subject: Dear Sir/Madam,
    Dear Sir/Madam,
     It's our honour to introduce you our new products:the laser therapeutic apparatus and Infrared Ear Thermometer.
    Introduction of the SJ-2001 Laser Therapeutic Apparatus
    The laser therapeutic apparatus is mainly used in relieving aches of different parts of the body, especially the neck ,shoulder ,waist and legs.
    It combines the traditional acupuncture with modern bistoury and laser irradiation: input the laser light into the special points or pathological changes of the body with the carrier of special acus , adjust different power to cure the patient.
    This product have been validated by many hospitals in our province ,the clinic result with more than 1,000 cases proves its general efficiency of above 98%. The hospital experts all consider this apparatus is the most realistic facility to treat sciatica , rheumatism , calcaneus spur, strain of lumbar muscles, arthritis and other such diseases at present. And it can be widely used in whatever size hospitals as well as individual cliniques. The following lists its features and specification:
    * No pain ,no wound ,no scar
    * short period of treatment
    * rapidly take effect
    * steady curative effect
    Introduction of the Infrared Ear Thermometer
    Infrared Ear Thermometer is an easy-operation and comfortable device to take your body temperature. It gives a temperature reading in 0.1 second. Featuring a waterproof lens, allow water rinsing and no probe cover is required. Mini and simplicity pilot the vogue in fashion industry all year round. 
    * Instant : takes a temperature only in 0.1 second
    * Compact : handy  design and streamline shape give easy access
    * Reliable: 512 scanning sequences per second ensure the precise accuracy
    * Simple : Easy-to-read display and 10-set memory function privide the user-friendly operation all in one finger touch
    Address :Office No.318 ,Building 1 Overseas Students Pioneer park ,Hefei New and High technology industrial development zone
    Zip: 230088
    Tel: 00-551- 5313124(Mr.Liu or Ms.Wang)
    Fax: 00-551-5315735
    We also have other products such as sensor,ultrasonic scalor,electronic thermometer(hard case&flexible tip).
    Welcome your suggestion and questions! Please contact us without hesitation!
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