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Date: Sat, Nov 17 2001

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    Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2001 15:38:41 +0700
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    Subject: Free eOffice
     What VO?     
    What you can do in Virtual Office?
     Email address will be 
    May access email through any web browser or download with mail client.
     Organize and share your private or group scheduling, with selectable
    Discussion Board
     Share or discuss ideas on this interactive board. 
    Meeting Room
     Conduct real time meeting at anytime and anywhere. 
    Instant Message
     See who is online and send a message instantly to contact him/her or
    invite them for a private meeting. 
    Storage Center
     Store your files securely and allow them to be accessible through SSL
    to your company members where ever they are. Sending large files could
    not be easier with the "Drop File" feature here. 
    Contact Manager
     Keep your contacts online so you can access them at anytime anywhere. 
    Project Manager
     Allow a project leader to assign tasks and manage the progress of each
    task closely on a 24/7 environment. 
     Notepad, Bookmark, To-do list 
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