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From: Tinubu Dixon (
Date: Fri, Nov 09 2001

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    Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2001 16:05:54 -0800 (PST)
    From: Tinubu Dixon <>
    Subject: Please Reply Soon!
    Dear Sir,
    I got your contact from the International Trade
    Chambers of Commerce (ITCC). I am the son of the
    former President of Zaire, now Congo Democratic
    You must have been aware through the International
    Press how the Swiss and the French Government had
    frozen my father's account and confiscated most of
    his property in their country.  I do not want asimilar
    thing to happen to me. I managed on my own to take
    some of the money which he had in his save deposit
    boxes worth about Forty Two Million Dollars (US$42M)
    with the assistance of some diplomats loyal to my
    late father, they carried this money through a special
    diplomatic courier to GHANA where the funds is
    carefully deposited in some boxes in a private
    security company. The company is not aware that the
    boxes contain money but art works.
    I now need your assistance in term of investment of
    this money in any non-speculative business of any
    nature. For you to assist me, you will take 30% of
    the total sum, because the mistake my father did, I do
    not want to do any business without a front hence, and
    I do not want my name or family to be mentioned during
    this transaction. You have to contact my Lawyer in the
    name of Barrister Dixon Tinubu. I am presently hiding
    in Republic of Nigeria Lagos. There is no risk
    since this money is already in GHANA. 
    If this business impress you, and you are willing to
    assist me for us to make a lasting future, contact my
    Lawyer at above e-mail: so that
    can discuss how we are going to get this fund out from
    the Security Company, for investment and again for me
    to give you the name of the Directors, telephone and
    fax numbers of the security company. Possibly we can
    meet face to face in the country were I am hiding
    before proceeding to Ghana were this money is being
    deposited. You can also call them if I am not around
    using the (special code), which I will give to you.
    Awaiting your quick responses.
    Best Regards,
    Alfred Mobutu
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