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From: Maxim Artemev <astro_delphi@newmail.ru>
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2000 02:47:52 +0300
Message-ID: <000a01bf79a1$7794cfc0$7c9ba8c0@maxim>
To: <www4mail-comments@w3.org>
Hello, guys!
So, I've some questions.
1st. How tell to www4mail that source of image is CGI script? Say.. for
viewing my statistics (counter etc). Perhaps, it have special command or
directive. Havn't it?
2nd. Sometimes when I'm requesting a file... hmmm MP3.. I'm getting very
small letters (Of course, I know that this file exists in 100%) contains..
sometimes www4mail write in letter something like that - "Server is Apache
... etc" or "Terminal locks the ability screen at position of cursor". I
dunno, the file
size is less 2 megs, maybe this is a bug in www4mail?
3rd. When I tried to use "XUSEPOST" command I recieve a letter contains a
page but I can't view attach. i.e. the attachment i can see but can't open
file, coz probably this filename is very long. How I can to clean this?
And.. sometimes I'm again getting  letters with error string in attach.
Something like "... An error occured at line ... in ODBC SQL server". This
error occurs in your script/program or in WWW-server?

Well.. Bye for now.

With best regards. Max Artemev. Russia.
[The Delphi And The Raccoons TEAM]
  [ http://www.theraccoons.narod.ru ]
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