Learning Chinese Online

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Date: Mon, Aug 13 2001

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    Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001 17:28:01 +0800
    Subject: Learning Chinese Online
          If you want to learn Chinese online up to the standard,
          please check out http://www.chineseon.net
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          There are courses as Standard Chinese, Chinese, Chinese Conversation Express (in both Simplified and Traditional) etc., in which there must be something particularly suitable for you; classic courses Pinyin, Chinese Input Method for free; and altogether more than 500 lessons with Pinyin, English meaning, and sounds. You can see the demo pages here:
          See what New and Unique on Chineseon.net--
          Search Chinese words online and gain immediate access to more than 2500 Chinese characters:
          "ChineseOn is the best Chinese teaching website I've ever seen. It helps me with my Chinese school homework, making real progress fast and easy." Studies show that online learning is up to 70% faster. 
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