From your user : Help me !

From: Quoc Thuan (
Date: Sat, Jun 24 2000

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    From: "Quoc Thuan" <>
    To: <>
    Date: Sat, 24 Jun 2000 14:47:25 +0700
    Subject: From your user : Help me ! 
        Hi !
    I live at Vietnamese and I often access Internet via www4mail . I know your
    server can access website with "Requesting Password-protected Web/FTP sites"
    but I couldn't . I send the mail with content :
        Body :">\ (for instant)
    But your server reply for me :
    Error 404  - Site not Found - NO DNS Entry found - The require host does not
    Bad hostname
    Why ? Please help me access Website have Username and Password , please !
    User authentication support for password-protected sites is also available
    by www4mail.  To access such Web site/pages conforming to the pattern
    `protocol://username:password@site/directory' you need to know (and then
    pass on) the correct USERNAME and PASSWORD.
    In these cases send an e-mail
    where site/path is the machine,domain,directory,file you want to retrieve
    and the @-sign is used to separate the string `username:password' from the