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From: Majlis <Ghoraeian@majlis.ir>
Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2000 01:03:20 +0430
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    Farsh Trading
    Company Ltd.

For the attention of the businessmen and those who are interested in  having business and tourism relation with Iran.

We have honor to introduce to you one of the well-known Iranian companies  which is famous in most industrial commercial and tourist countries.


HADIEGHEH COMPANY, has supervised a large group  named HADIEGHEH COMERCIAL GROUP . This achievement is made because of enjoying a long and successful experience in the area of handicrafts and Iranian traditional industries  , and  for  being  one of the most well-known companies in the international arena , an advantage gained  due to the trust and belief of all businessmen who carry out business with it and also, for having large facilities in most countries. The Group consists of 10 large, famous and trustworthy companies, all working as subsidiaries of the main Company. You have the opportunity to communicate  with this Company and its attached group via  fastest means , as your business and trade fields require and have the advantage to benefit from the best types  of Iranian products which are famous in the world, being already used in many parts.  You have a chance to supply your favorite goods with the best quality, most competitive  prices and in the fastest way.
A summary of the object of the companies which work as the subgroups of the main Company, each of them being a well-known and reliable company on its own part, is stated below:

1) Iranian Hand-woven Carpet:

You have the opportunity to have access to the best types of the Iranian hand-woven carpets which are famous in world for their exclusive beauty and the best quality.  The carpets are offered in different sizes, texture and colors with excellent prices.

2) Iranian Machine-woven Carpets:

This Company offers you excellent machine-woven carpets. It is  able to offer the best carpets of your own choice, design and textures. It is able to receive your orders and particular plans you have in mind, or pictures you like to have it woven  on the carpets to have them woven with the best quality you may imagine. In this area, the Company is the sole producer of the 1100- density 

    Farsh Trading
    Company Ltd.

and 500 row- style machine woven carpets and gives you an official guaranty letter to guaranty  its products for 10 years.

3) The Embossed and Calico Copper-Iranian Traditional Handicrafts

This product is one of the most beautiful handicrafts of Iran and is well known all over the world. The  craft is carried out by the Iranian famous handicraft artistes. You may order any picture, plan or design to be engraved and embossed on cooper with the best quality, while having the opportunity to use the most elegant pictures and designs of the Iranian historical monuments, all being engraved and embossed on copper.

4) Sea Products

In this area, you have the opportunity to observe the first class Iranian sea products such as shrimps  and various fish.  In order to import these goods, you can ensure that you will have the best products with high standards and you have the chance to plan for a good and continuos  importation business.

5) Iranian Wood Industries:

This Company offers its woo products in various  styles and forms with different levels of  elegance and dedication. The  products can be used as consumed materials, decorative and ritual works with the most beautiful designs and highest standards. As far as the quality may concern, the products have attracted the attention of many buyers in different parts of world for many years.

6) The Iranian Porcelain and Plastic Dishes Industries

 Benefiting from the most modern technology for producing different types of porcelain  and plastic dishes, as you wish, with the available designs or upon your order, this Company produces the best quality porcelain  and plastic dishes.
Our products are available to you with the best quality and competitive prices , for the purpose of having a good mutual commercial and business cooperation.

7) Iranian Fabric Industries

This  Company is famous in the area of producing different slipcovers and upholstery  as well as beautiful covers with elegant colors and designs to be used for any types of furniture. Owing to its  efficiency and fame, this 

    Farsh Trading
    Company Ltd.

Company has been able to offer you modern designs, models and quality as you desire with the shapes and colors that satisfies your taste, all being carried out for a fruitful business with your country.

8) Iranian Clothes Industries

This Company is able to produce various ladies, men and baby clothes to satisfy your taste and standards. The clothes are in form of ordinary cotton or other types of clothes and jeans. You have the choice to order any type and style you have in mind to be delivered to your, regardless to the distance of your country. We guaranty the delivery. Underwear's for men and women and ordinary baby clothes are among our products.

9) Mineral Industries and Iranian Stones

This Company owns some rich mines in Iran. It is able to produce and offer the best types of decorative and constructional stones in beautiful shapes and sizes. It might be ordered as per the buyer's need. All your requirements in this area are met. The Company  responds to your trade and commercial needs in the most prompt way which you might think of.

10) Chain Airlines and Tour Agencies of Iran

Owing to its chain agencies on the flight possibilities and the tourism facilities, this  company is able to offer you the best services, enabling you to become familiar with the various historical monuments and places of Iran, giving this chance to the people of other countries to visit the beautiful sports of Iran which may attract any tourist.
Our comfortable and best quality facilities will ensure a not-forgettable  visits for the tourists of different nationals  and we are able to offer you the best possible services in tourism area, enjoying long years of experiences in this field. While appreciating you for your attention to  these points, please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any information and/or plan to start business  for any of the items mentioned above
Our Address: Tehran, P.O. Box: 13185-359
Fax: 0098- 21- 5804810
E-mail: hadiegheh@altavista.com
E-Mail: ghoraeian@majlis.ir.
Do not miss the opportunity and communicate as soon as possible.
Office of International Affairs
Hadiegheh Company &
Attached companies
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